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Detect “on the fence” website visitors and know exactly how to win them over.

Data Driven Opportunities

You may have an amazing landing page, with great website traffic, but no conversions. Or you may have a genius product, great branding, but no search engine rankings. By crawling your website, MRKT365 learns more about your website, landing page's, search rankings, visitors behaviour over time, and recommends actions to improve ROI.

O365 Report

Once your website has been scanned, you will receive your O365 report, in other words, your opportunities report. This report will clearly outline the following:
1. Opportunities for Improvement (speed, website design, SEO, etc.)
2. Tasks to Implement 
3. Personalized Vendor for the Task

What Opportunities Can MRKT365 Find?

Now that you know MRKT365 uses data driven analytics to help find opportunities for you, we bet you’re wondering “what exactly are these opportunities?”.  Allow us to explain.
These opportunities can be everything and anything that hinders you from achieving your maximum potential.  Ex. If Mrkt365 detects increased traffic to one particular page of your website, it  may recommend you to include a call to action on this page.


  • Missing Viewport Tag
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Duplicate Content
  • Duplicate Titles
  • WWW Canonical
  • Matching H1 and Title Content
  • Broken Internal and External Links
  • Missing Meta Description
  • Short Title
  • Missing H1
  • Missing Alt Attributes
  • Call to Action Recommendations
  • Content Recommendations


  • Low Word Count
  • Too Many On-Page Links
  • Underscores in URL
  • Blocked from Being Indexed
  • Robots.txt. Not Found
  • Broken Internal and External Images
  • HTTP Encrypton not Used
  • 5XX Errors
  • 4XX Errors
  • Pages are Missing a Title
  • Invalid Sitemap.xml Format
  • Image Resize Options
  • Predictive Lead Scoring


  • Encoding Not Declared
  • Pages Have a Low Text to HTML Ratio
  • Pages Have a Long Title
  • No Follow Attributes in Internal and External Links
  • Doctype Npt Declared
  • Multiple H1 Tags
  • Long URLs
  • Pages are Loading Slowly
  • Langage Not Declared
  • Search Engine Penalties
  • Content Recommendations


MRKT365 Allows You To Improve

  • Email Acquisitions
  • Website Form Fills
  • Quality of Leads
  • Conversions
  • Product Inquiries
  • Website Traffic
  • Website Speed
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • And more!

Based on the recommendations found in your website, MRKT365 will match the best vendor for the tasks you need. 

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