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Find out how MRKT365 works to help improve your marketing strategy.


MRKT365 Platform scans your website

Simply input your email and website URL in the search bar and hit the “Get Started” button. MRKT365 will start gathering data and indexing your web pages instantaneously. Within minutes, you will receive your MRKT365 report to the email address you inputted. 


MRKT365 Platform will identify opportunities present

MRKT365 will not only improve sales and marketing, but will also automatically complete and process tasks such as predictive lead scoring, content recommendations, email acquisitions, and more. MRKT365’s advanced data will provide analytics on changes required, and the increase in conversion potential for each change conducted. Ex. If MRKT365 detects increased traffic to one particular page of your website, it may recommend you to include a call to action on this page. Based on the recommendations found in the user’s website, MRKT365 will match the best vendor for the job.


Recommends personalized marketing opportunities

Once opportunities are identified by the AI, the MRKT365 report will outline any recommended changes, fixes, adjustments and improvements you should make to your marketing plan.


Recommends the right vendor for the job

Your MRKT365 report will include the recommended vendor(s) for the particular job(s) you need. Ex. If MRKT365 sees opportunities in improving profitability via website speed, the platform will recommend you to our speed specialists. 


Choose to conduct the work in house or with vendors

If you have the resources, knowledge, and time to conduct the tasks in house, you are open to do so. If you require the assistance of our vendors, you can browse through the recommended vendors profile, ratings and review. If you accept the vendor, simply press accept. You are also available to message and  browse through additional vendors beyond the recommended list. 

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